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Why Eversunny believes there is a huge opportunity in intelligent door lock market worldwide?


The digital, smart, cyber-connected and communicated world has been built for that last decade years. And today these tendencies are going to where intelligence is more and more deeply and widely used in our daily life. It will certainly influence the way of our thinking and doing. And opportunity happens when it changes.

We are talking about the smart home devices for a long time, however, Eversunny believes that the first and the most important smart home device should be on your door that is what we are talking here, the intelligent door lock.


Why? Necessary, easy to upgrade, and predictable user experience.


As the better needs for safety, fashion and convenience of our lock, it is necessary to make something change in our locks. It is meaningful that the door lock with the new characteristics of fingerprint and password identified for accessing, remote control and authorization, keyless for convenience and fashion looking.


And also the change is economically and technically feasible. In Europe and the United States, as well as in Asia, smart locks have become a fashion way to enter the door. The technology is matured and has been widely used in many application scenes, also comparing to other smart devise, and its cost is reasonable.   It becomes the product that everyone can afford.


About predictable user experience, it will not confuse you anything because of concise and clear features and application scenarios. All the benefits are in your mind, maybe, with more surprise.

Smart lock is the main device that we use when we get back home. Theoretically, it can access to all other smart device in your home, so Eversunny believes it is the closest smart device to real market. Smart lock industry will be exploded in the next 3 to 5 years. Here in China, smart lock industry has been stepping into a new period with rapidly increasing growing market. The world’s market is predictable with full confidence 


Now Eversunny is inviting you to win the local market together.


Eversunny with the reliable OEM capability have nearly 20 years in door locks and peepholes production, and strong engineering and management team that will ensure you economize cost and get locks to market faster.


To achieve our business performance, we are thinking from our customers’ benefit first, so that we help our customer to reduce the cost to be profitable.  We believe that we win when you win first.


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