Which intelligent password or fingerprint keyless deadbolt lock company doing ODM?
You have a great idea on intelligent password or fingerprint keyless deadbolt lock and also have done its research and understands it could promote such a product, but do not really know how to design it or don't have the manufacturing capacity to make it. You may turn to ODMs. Shenzhen Eversunny Ltd. is such a producer. Typically, ODMs also fabricate the product they design and their clients get the products branded in their own names and offer them in the market. In the case of an ODM, you might have little to no control on product specifications and so you need to set adequate parameters and frameworks in which the ODM needs to work.

Eversunny Ltd. is very professional in the manufacture and provision of the comprehensive keyless door lock. The ring wireless doorbell series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The product features high specific energy. The electrode materials can release as much as electricity when they have electrode reaction. It provides an inexpensive and effective way to deal with unwanted visitors. peephole wifi produced by us meets the requirements of quality assurance of national standard. The product is easy to use and can be managed efficiently.

As an experienced company, Eversunny Ltd. has its own independent ideas to develop it better. Inquire!
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