What to do if it is incomplete Smart Wifi video doorbell delivery?
Shenzhen Eversunny Ltd. guarantees Smart Wifi video doorbell delivered with all accessories and instruction manual packed in one package. Before we deliver the product, we will have personnel responsible for the checking of product completeness, including the appearance inspection, quantity counting, weight measuring. The process is complete and controlled. However, as we process a huge number of orders each day, there will be chances for mistakes. Once it occurs, please contact us directly. We will apologize for our mistakes and ship a complete product to you quickly.
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There is a strong strength of Eversunny Ltd. in the international peephole wifi market. Eversunny Ltd. is mainly engaged in the business of hidden door lock and other product series. hidden peephole is made of hidden front door camera and has the advantages such as hidden front door camera. The product offers sophisticated "access control" to any home or business. The product has an excellent and precise filtration effect. The reverse osmosis technique only allows the hydrone and dissolved oxygen to get through and excludes out sands, pesticide, bacteria, and heavy metals. With an advanced plating technique, it will not fade easily.

In order to contribute to protecting our environment, we make great efforts to save energy resources, reduce production pollution and produce cleaner and more environmental-friendly products.

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