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Eversunny continues to provide products and services


The COVID-19 epidemic affects the world and poses a great threat to the health of all mankind, and the world is working together to face the challenges and the possible longer cycle of the epidemic.

Under the epidemic, it has had a far-reaching influence on the global economy, for Eversunny, whether it is the raw material supply chain, manufacturing organization, and external sales and logistics transportation have received a greater impact.

But we still try our best to provide products and services to our customers.

1. Keep a certain amount of inventory.

Eversunny has maintained a certain inventory of some of the best-selling products to ensure the stability of customer orders in the previous order and also keep a certain reservation for possible follow-up customers, so that  Eversunny can ensure the supply capacity of mainstream products for a certain period of time.

2. Coordinate the local supply chain in China to maintain the continuous supply of basic raw materials.

The Chinese government has provided strong support for enterprises to resume production and work. Although we still face some problems such as slow supply of raw materials and long internal logistics cycle, however, with the gradual improvement in the control of the local epidemic in China, all aspects of production and management are recovering in an orderly manner.

We have enough confidence in China's economy gradual normalization in long term cycle.

3. Active epidemic prevention and safe production.
According to the relevant epidemic prevention requirements, Eversunny ensures the safety of production in a healthy and reliable production environment, and maintain the health of employees and quality of product production as well.
4. Pay close attention to international logistics and maintain positive communication with customer orders that are temporarily unable to enter the customs area.

Goods from some countries and regions are temporarily unable to enter the customs, we adhere to the principle of customer first, and strive for a win-win situation to maintain the relationship between us and our customers by active consultation.

 Eversunny believes that with the joint efforts of all parties, we will overcome the epidemic and continue to achieve better results with our overseas customers. Thank you again for the trust given to us by all customers. 

We wish all friends good health and welcome victory.

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