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A happy and healthy Team Hike


September is the season at the end of summer in Shenzhen City. Farewell to the rainy August, Shenzhen is coming to the sunny and mild season. For enriching the cultural life of all employees, advocating the concept of health, and also enhancing communication between departments. EverSunny organized the "Mangrove Walking” eventOf company’s departments, R & D, production, quality control, sales staff together to walk through the beautiful Shenzhen Bay.


Located on the bank of Shenzhen Bay, Shenzhen Mangrove is the smallest national nature reserve in China. It is a marine woody plant community composed mainly of mangrove plants, named for its reddish trunk. Here natural growth plants include sea lacquer, wood olive, Kandelia Candel and other rare tree species.  Shenzhen Bay, which is rippling with blue waves, is not only a paradise inhabited by birds and the kingdom of tropical plants, but also a good place for people to enjoy bird-watching and sea-watching leisure.


At 4: 00 p. M., the hike officially begins. This hiking activity to Shenzhen Bay Sports Center Universiade Torch Tower Square as the starting point, hiking to the coastal road mangrove entrance direction. The whole journey is about 6 kilometers. During the hike, our enthusiasm was high and our fighting spirit was high. At about 6 p.m., we reached the finish line one after another. 

We advocate the concept of happy and healthy life. The purpose of this activity is to let us, who are usually sitting in the office or working in product line, close to nature through hiking activities, so that we can feel the meaning of happy learning and healthy life and transmit positive energy in walking. In the hiking activities, all we fully demonstrated a positive, healthy, upward, team spirit, and we are happy to exchange ideas and release feelings, enjoy sports, for a team with more warm, harmonious, healthy and progressive collective.


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